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Change log

WKB to GeoJSON Tool / Clean up Tool API

  • Add a new tool, WKB to GeoJSON
  • Clean up Tools API. Allows dynamic components to be loaded separately from the main Tools config. Helps reduce bundle size when generating dynamic Open Graph Images.
  • Switch out Vercel KV store counter to use goatcounter API.
Pablo escobar acting as an old neglected side project waiting to be finished.

New Build: Initial Release

After many years of neglect we're back to build into the website it was meant to be.

Initial release includes the two tools from the original build:

If you're keen to see a specific tool added, feel free to open a request.

First Production Release

Featuring two tools:

Silly developer meme: man staring at a 'new side project' whilst his existing side projects stare at him.

Initial Commit

First commit to Github repo